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The Forge is a next generation launchpad that reduces scams, rug pulls and provides participants with the most exciting opportunities.

NFT Sale is open!
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What are Forge NFTs

Forge NFTs are utility NFTs that allow the community to govern the Forge Launchpad.

Every NFT holder may get a share of all tokens that come through the Forge. The more NFTs you hold, the more tokens you may get.

NFT holders may vote to govern the Forge ecosystem including:

  • Freezing funds for failing projects
  • Expelling corrupt particpants

NFT holders may get CURE token airdrops, allowing them to participate in various Forge roles.

Tokens may be airdropped monthly for a year to any wallet holding the NFT.

How to Buy


Send ONLY supported stablecoins to the following address:


Supported stablecoins:

  • Pulsechain: USDC DAI USDL CST
  • Ethereum: USDT USDC DAI

Your transaction must come from YOUR wallet (i.e. you hold the private keys).
DO NOT send from an exchange (Coinbase, Binance etc.)


First to buy get the best prices. The NFT prices will increase according to below chart:

Your can check your transaction and estimated NFTs on:The Forge's campaign tracker on

11 - 100$100 each
2101 - 300$110 each
3301 - 500$120 each
4501 - 900$130 each
5901 - 1300$140 each
61301 - 1700$150 each
71701 - 2200$170 each
82201 - 2700$180 each
92701 - 3600$190 each
103601 - 4500$200 each

NFTs will be airdropped 1 week after the campaign ends.

The campaign will end when NFTs are sold out or when the Forge launches.


This is not an investment of any kind. NFTs have zero monetary value. You must have no expectation of profit derived from the work of others. You must have no expectation of anything at all.

NFTs awarded to you as part of this campaign do not provide you with any legal, equitable or any other rights in relation to Cyrator Ltd. or any other company. For the avoidance of doubt, you are not entitled to any voting, equity participation or any other rights that would ordinarily attach to a share of a company.

Any funds transferred after the sale has concluded will not receive any NFTs. Any funds transferred from an exchange will not receive any NFTs, as it can not be tracked.


TU!! is a world renowned artist with art covering skytrains in Bangkok, a building wall in Berlin and who has sold out high value NFT collections.


Forge Leaders

The Forge Council leaders are amongst PulseChain's most dedicated people. Through their NFTs, they will safeguard the launchpad from harmful actors and guide it into the future.

Submit Your Project

  • Get reviewed by PulseChain's best
  • Incubate your ideas
  • Grow your team
  • Apply for funding

Forge experts include:
20+ more

Disclaimer: Thew Forge will never endorse or encourage that you invest in any of the projects listed and therefore, accept no liability for any loss occasioned. It is the user(s) responsibility to do their own research and seek financial advice from a professional.